Mercedes-Benz Zetros v1.6

This has been a huge project for me, as big as the MTVR and took around 6 weeks of daily work.

My goal like always is to create a realistic replica of the real Zetros.

Every single part of the model (interior, exterior, addons, tires and many more) and texture was created from scratch, with meticulous detail and lot’s of love.

The Truck has custom addons and tires to start, but will be updated with tons of new features and customization over time, like new bumpers etc.


– Custom cargo beds and Tent-Maintainer addon.

– Spare tire rack, supply boxes etc

– Variety of unique tire types and configurations

– Each tire set has “soft” version to simulate the Central tire inflation system of original Zetros.

– Includes two original game cranes with increased power and capability.

– Much More..


3D Model & Texture: Rng3r

In-Game: Rng3r



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