M181 Hellion ISV for SnowRunner

Welcome to my first all-new addition to SnowRunner, hopefully the first of a few! This is my first attempt at rigging a truck, so some bugs and weirdness may be present. But it is a fun toy to use and enjoy.

With a design heavily inspired by Halo’s Warthog, the Hellion ISV is an off-road troop transport vehicle forged in the far reaches of space, and brought into SnowRunner. I spent a fair bit of time making this truck feel close to it’s Halo analog, so it is what some might consider to be “OP”, but that’s fine, that’s the point of this overgrown side-by-side!

Some features the Hellion has:

  • Fully locked four wheel drive
  • Four wheel steering
  • Realistic winch and crane points
  • Hitch for scout and medium trailers
  • Active suspension
  • Multiple tire options
  • Realistic lighting features
  • Vehicle customization (some items clip into the body, custom add-ons may be added later)
  • No region or level lock

Please note that some pictures on the right show the truck in development, and some items may be different or not even be on the final version


– This truck was made using a model by McCarthy3D on SketchFab.



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